State of the nation vs state of you

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All human beings yearn to live their life their way. In a democratic society Individuals align themselves to a political party because they believe that that political party will provide the environment for them to live their life their way. The individual’s values and ideals match that of the political party. When the leaders of the political party do not live by the ideals and values then the supporters distance themselves from the party and may even rebel against the party. We must also consider the people that support political parties by association. These people are loyal no matter what the leaders do. They will defend their leaders and may even incite violence against the opposition. No matter which political party is in power there will be supporters and there will be opposition. Depending on the alignment of ideals and values decides if a person is a supporter or an opposition. This is the case in countries all over the world. Let us observe what is happening in South Africa at the moment. Jacob Zuma has made decisions that resulted in South Africa’s credit rating downgraded to junk status. The impact on the economy threatens the standard of living of a certain class of people. This is a threat to them living their life their way. Also the alleged association of Zuma with the Guptas and the resulting corruption goes against their ethical and moral standards. Emotions are high in the country and people opposing Zuma are pulling together to march in solidarity against him. On the other hand there are people associated with Zuma that are currently living their life their way. These people will support Zuma because the opposition is a threat to this life. Included in Zuma’s supporters are people who are living in poverty but will support Zuma because they don’t trust that the opposition will provide the environment for them to live their life their way. They believe the capitalists are preventing Zuma from providing the ideal environment for them. In life there is always two or more sides. Life will never happen the way you want it. You have no control of what happens outside of you. You don’t determine that which is external to you but you do determine that which is internal. Internally there may be anger. Now think of the actions anger will lead to. If one is pleasant internally and take action while in this pleasant state one’s actions will be peaceful. Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind. My wish is whether people are in favor of Zuma or against him that they take action from a state of pleasantness so they will not harm others. Since I have no control over that outcome I will remain in my internal state of pleasantness.

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    This is so beautifully said coach!
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