Rest in peace Buddy – part 2

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Last week I shared the story of Buddy’s death. There was another story that was unfolding as well. The Sunday that Buddy died my mum was admitted to hospital. Mum was experiencing dizzy spells recently. On the Monday I left for a week’s stay in Botswana. I cut my visit short because my sister informed me that mum needed to undergo a heart operation immediately. While waiting for travel arrangements to be made my colleague asked me how I remained so calm under the circumstances. He expected me to be going crazy with worry. The connecting flight from Johannesburg to Durban was delayed for four hours. My mum was undergoing a five hour operation. I was alone at an airport while my mum was in theatre. I was communicating with my family via Whatsapp. It is an uncomfortable situation when someone dear to you is undergoing a heart bypass surgery. The inspiration for this blog is to address the issue of your peace of mind. Every person seeks comfort. During difficult times people look to heaven for comfort. Through my personal experience of loss and a twenty year journey of learning how to deal with it I can assure you that you are not going to find long lasting comfort in believing in heaven, god and fortune tellers because these are just learnt beliefs that are external to your being. There’s two things that affects your comfort and happiness that is memory and imagination. Memory of regret and imagination of the future creates your pain. You are the only person that has control of your memory and imagination so use it for your wellbeing. While waiting for the outcome of my mum’s surgery, I did not think about things that I should have said to her nor did I have a single negative thought in terms of the outcome. Worrying and fantasying was not going to help me or my mum. Last year while recovering from my car accident; it is the knowledge that I’m about to share with you is what got me through. A car is yours but it is not you. It’s your vehicle. The manufacturer made the car and doesn’t keep track of it because it’s left up to you to look after the car. The manufacturer of your body is the creator (known to many as god). The body is yours but it is not you. It’s your vehicle. Just like the car, once your body is made the creator doesn’t keep track of it because it’s left up to you to look after the body. However, the intelligence of the creator is in every cell of your body. Your body knows how to heal itself. Doctors repair what is broken but the healing is done by the intelligence in the cells. That’s why doctors say ‘I have done what I can do, now it’s left to god’. There is truth in what they are saying although they don’t know the mechanics of it. The doctors and family members may look to god as a big man in the sky with many hands or an elephant head or Jesus Christ or Allah. However unknown to them they are referring to the god intelligence in the body. For healing to take place we need a good flow of universal energy. This universal energy is called pranic energy in Sanskrit and Chi energy in Chinese. This universal energy enters our body via energy centers called chakras. This energy keeps us vibrant and alive. When you let your memory and imagination go crazy this creates fantasies in your mind resulting in your chakras to close. This disrupts the prana energy flow. Fear closes the root chakra and you experience it has loss of appetite or diarrhea or weakness, sleepless nights, etc. Because you don’t know any better you look to god, the heavens and councilors for hope instead of living in the reality of the present moment and focus your mind in restoring the prana flow. During a crisis situation when things work out we say ‘thank god’ and when it doesn’t go our way we say ‘it’s god’s plan’. This is nonsense taught by religious leaders. Do you think it’s god’s job to fix your problems? Many people follow customs and rituals out of fear of what will happen if they don’t follow these customs and rituals. I am not ridiculing the customs and rituals. On the contrary there is immense power in them. What I am questioning is the blind following which robs people of their personal power keeping them in fear. The reason for prayer and devotion is to get you into a state of calmness to restore your energy system. Places of worship are built to vibrate at frequencies that energize our pranic energy. That’s why when you are in a place of worship and listening to devotional songs and music you feel so calm and energized. My message again is not to look outside for answers, but to take control of your memory and imagination. The next time you visit a place of worship, instead of getting caught up in the rituals and singing, pay attention to the energy in your body. Read this message a few times and you’ll notice that it resonates in you at a deep level but at the same time your religious beliefs (which are just beliefs taught to you) are going to challenge and create turmoil. The creator created your body which contains the intelligence of the universe in it. It’s your choice whether you spend your life exploring this intelligence within you or continue to follow other people’s beliefs. My wish is for you to free yourself from learnt beliefs and live your life your way.

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