Meaning of Your Life Your Way

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I’ve been promoting the concept of Your Life Your Way since recovering from a motor vehicle accident in which I came close to death. It started out as My Life My Way but I realized the world would be a much better place with others living by the same motto so it evolved into Your Life Your Way.

People point out to me that Your Life Your Way would only be possible if one had financial freedom. I hear questions such as “how can I live my life my way when I work for a company and I am regulated by office hours. I don’t have the freedom to do as I please”. You need to understand that no matter what one’s financial or income situation is we are all part of an economic system. This system has rules and we operate within those rules for example even if your home’s mortgage is paid off you still have to pay municipal rates and taxes. The bottom line is that if you’re part of a community governed by others you’re part of a system.

The trick to living your life your way is not about getting out of the system but instead living consciously within the system. You may feel that you don’t have control over your life situation however my friend you have total control over how you feel towards what’s going on in your life. I agree that due to past circumstances you may be in a job or relationship that is causing you pain. You get to a point where you say “enough is enough” but you just don’t have the courage or energy to make a change. I have deep respect for your pain however you must own your decision for remaining in the situation. You may have commitments which means you need the money to stay in the unhappy job or you may depend on your partner financially and don’t know how to get out of the unhappy relationship. No matter what your current life situation is, for now just say to yourself “I choose to remain in this for now” e.g. “I choose to remain in this job for now” or “I choose to remain in this relationship for now” or “I choose to eat chunk food for now” or “I choose not to exercise for now” or “I choose not to save and invest for now”. Every time you do this you take back your power. because you remind yourself that no matter what your situation is, you are in control.

So from now onwards whenever you are feeling unhappy repeat the affirmation. Own your choices and feel your power build within you. Your power will get to a level which will empower you to make life changing choices. There will come a time when you say “enough is enough” but this time you will have the power to take action. Living your life your way does not mean controlling the world around you but controlling the world within you and that is achieved by making conscious choices.

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