I’m a seeker

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Just like all children for many years I believed what my parents taught me about God. There came a time when my curiosity about life conflicted with what I was taught. Answers came from all religious teachings. There was no single religion that satisfied all my questions. Even some of the religious teachings conflicted those of other religions. It was at that point in my 20s when I stopped identifying myself as an Hindu. I felt immense freedom when I disidentified myself from religion. This freedom allowed me to explore the possibilities of lifetime without the barriers of religion. I realized that I don’t need religion to be moral. I just have to be humane. There’s a difference between humane and human. During business dealings and in the corporate world I’ve seen devoted religious people behaving unscrupulously towards colleagues. I have no devotion to nor worship religious teachers like Jesus and Buddha just as I don’t have devotion to Albert Einstein and my maths professor. People will argue that that is not a fair comparison. It is to a seeker who sees them all as teachers. Jesus and Buddha did not create religions they just taught. Followers created religions. The great teachers did not defend their teaching yet followers are willing to take the lives of others in the name of religion. We are meant to learn and apply. I’m not knocking religious followers. I hope that there are more humane and moral religious people than not. People have the freedom to do as they please. I just feel that freedom is wasted when people just believe what they have been taught and wholeheartedly belief that that is all there is. As for me I just want to bridge the communication gap that exists between my physical body, conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and the life energy that flows through me and everything else. Spirit is the energy that flows through all things. When you are religious you may speak of this energy because someone told you about it. When you are spiritual you know this energy experientially. This is the experience a seeker seeks.

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