My mission is to raise human consciousness and improve the quality of life worldwide by teaching life transforming skills.

Hi I’m Sagren Govender, international speaker, wellness coach and metaphysical teacher. I help people achieve well-being and teach them life transforming skills so that they may improve their lives and the lives of others. I attained a Degree in Electronic Engineering and practiced engineering for many years in a job that some may envy. Yet, I felt that there was a void in my life. Understanding and making sense of: intimate relationships, SagrenProfilePicfamily dynamics, finance, weight control, purpose and above all religion and spirituality, drove me crazy. This struggle had launched me on a quest to find answers. During my quest for knowledge and understanding I devoured audio and video programs, books, online courses and attended seminar after seminar, studying with some of the world leaders in personal development. While seeking answers I achieved a Degree in Metaphysical Science, which gave me more fulfilment than achieving my MBA. Once I synthesized the knowledge I attained with my own personal experiences and experimentation I overcame my struggle. My solutions have also transformed the lives of my students. I have the deepest respect for the struggle that people are experiencing and hope that they subscribe to my blog so that they may benefit from my teaching.